Managing News – Feed Based data aggregator


Managing News is an RSS/Atom based news tracker with search, republishing and mapping. It based on Drupal and other 30 resources but mostly are Drupal modules.

Some of the feature are that managing news provides are : Aggregate RSS/Atom news, Show news as list or on a map, Search news, Republish news by bundling articles into channels, Configurable location tagging, Configurable maps, etc.

With Managing News it’s possible to search for key trends within the feeds followed and graph results. Also, you can share any story using Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.


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2 Responses

  1. Kidlat says:

    Would you know if this site can aggregate only a specific location? If so, would you know how? Thanks.

    • Webozaurus says:

      Unfortunately i don’t sorry. You may ask on the site on their support e-mail.

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