Three Major Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Any Clients (and how to avoid these pitfalls)

Nothing’s more frustrating than not getting clients. You know your designs are good. You write really concise and sharp emails. Your people skills are impeccable. Yet no matter what you seem to do, you just can’t get many, if any, clients. Or you get desperate and start accepting what you can get.

Why does this happen? Why do some designers seem to be turning away clients left and right because they already have more than enough ideal clients to work with? Well, there are 3 major reasons why you’re not getting any clients.


The good news is you’re not alone – a lot of designers do these same mistakes. And what’s even better news is it’s simple to avoid these pitfalls and start getting clients that you want. It involves pointing out the 3 problem areas (which this article will help you with) and then taking a consci …

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