10 Essential Web Application Usability Guidelines

Users should be able to simply, quickly, and intuitively use any web app, like with any tool in life, be it a car, phone, or anything else. After all, a useful web app doesn’t do much good if it’s a pain in the butt to use – many users will eventually give up and go to an easier-to-use alternative. So how do you maximize usability in your web app? In this article we share 10 Web Application Usability Guidelines that we feel are essential.

Watch what the user does, not what they say. It’s that whole Henry Ford saying that if he asked people what they wanted back in the day, they’d say “a faster horse-drawn carriage” rather than car. Don’t take user feedback as seriously as much as having test users try out your web app. What the user isn’t even conscious of you’ll be able to see immediately and fix any interface issues.

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