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jCoverflip in an open source jQuery plugin used for creating coverflow-like interfaces that can display images or any other content. Every content can be browsed by simply clicking on it ( like a slider, ex : jQuery UI slider ). The plugin is very customizable having multiple features ( check bellow ).

1) Ready to Use

  • Drag or click functionality to showcase featured content items on demand by the user.
  • Ability to showcase both images and content associated with an item.
  • Module integration with Drupal or Standalone version.

2) Themeable User Interface

The default installation uses a clean style that can be updated with ease. All aspects of jCoverflip are customizable through the API, including:

  • Colors.
  • Fonts and Styles.
  • Animation speed.
  • Number of items included in jCoverflip.

jcoverflip plugin : customizable jQuery cover flip

Download | Demo

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    Great post. Is just what i was looking for :) Thanks.

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